What does "2000" units mean?

I say "units" opposed to sales because 150 monetized streams is equivalent to 1 sale. So 2000 units = 2000 sales OR 300,000 streams OR any combination of the two.

What happens when after an exclusive license is bought after I have a beat?

If you have purchased a lease then you retain the rights you were granted upon the lease's purchase, whether an exclusive license was purchased or not.

Can I make money off a beat I download for free?

I will only allow you to make money through monetized videos on YouTube. As soon as you make a penny off of any other platforms (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon etc) then you are legally obliged to purchase a lease for the instrumental.

Are your beats tagged or will I recieve a tag free MP3/WAV file?

The tags on my beat store are automatically placed by AirBit. There will be no tags on any beats if a license is purchased.

Why didn't I receive any of my beat files instantly upon purchase?

Occasionally there is a delay on files being sent. If you do not receive necessary files within and hour or two, email me here:

If I purchase an exclusive lease will it be removed off of all platforms?

No, I retain monetization rights to keep it on YouTube. But I will label the beat "SOLD" for yours and my own convenience.

I purchased one of your beat tapes, what rights do I attain?

You attain the rights to sell up to 500 units of each beat on the tape. If you pass 500 units you are then required to buy a proper lease.